Access to knowledge through data
Our tool offers valuable insights into behavior and trends for making data-driven decisions that increase your results.

  • <50% Sales of alcoholic beverages
  • Schedule: Morning, afternoon and night
  • Every day of the week.

  • Greater than 50% Sales from Alcoholic Beverages
  • Hours: Afternoon and night
  • At least 5 days a week

  • Greater than 75% Sales from Alcoholic Beverages
  • Hours: Night
  • 3 days a week
Alliances with On-Premise
Our focus is on well-established establishments of medium, medium-high and high level, which have a complete infrastructure and are dedicated to the sale of food and high-proof alcoholic beverages. These strong alliances allow us to provide solutions and offer information tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
How do we do it?
We receive and process data from the wholesale channel
We carry out an in-depth analysis of the information provided in the variables of volume, value and point of sale.
We statistically project each market
We transform the data into a single language, complemented with a projection through statistical, clustering and stratification methods.
Constant maintenance of our catalogs
We ensure that our information is always up-to-date through constant updating.
We convert insights into intelligence with accuracy
Through a rigorous analysis process, we guarantee the integrity of all the data we process and transmit, ensuring its reliability for both us and you.
Information Collection
The information is collected directly and electronically from the Restaurant, Bar and Club system.
Everything is projected to a total market.
Cities where we obtain metrics
Information is collected directly and electronically from the restaurant's system. We use different types of sampling to determine results such as: two-stage stratified random sampling with a 95% confidence level.
We only provide regional information to avoid inferring the area of ​​influence.
Trusted relationships with Wholesale Channel and/or On-Premise
You can trust the security of your information with us. We implement rigorous protection measures to safeguard every confidential detail that compromises our clients' operations.
We only provide regional information to avoid inferring the area of ​​influence.
Hablemos de transformación a través de conocimiento y data.