Benchmarks in the Wholesale Channel
We are business intelligence enablers specialized in the Wholesale Channel

  • +98% Sample Base
  • 28 Categories
  • +15,000 Sku's

  • +96% Sample Base
  • 170 Categories
  • 17 Canastos
  • +67,000 Sku's

  • +87% Sample Base
  • 10 Categories
  • +15,000 Sku's

  • +95% Confidence Level
  • 21 Categories

  • +75% coverage
  • 33 Categories
  • +27,000 Sku's

  • 19 Categories
  • +3,600 Sku's

  • National
  • 6 Regions
A relationship based on trust and transparency
Since 2001, we have been working with and for wholesalers to drive growth by seeking to provide them with the most accurate information with a common language between wholesale and industry, resulting in growth for both parties.
How do we do it?
We receive and process data from the wholesale channel
We carry out an in-depth analysis of the information provided in the variables of volume, value and point of sale.
We statistically project each market
We transform the data into a single language, complemented with a projection using statistical, clustering and stratification methods.
Our Products
  • 01
    Identify relationships and opportunities between
    Market indicators and the performance of your business helping better decision-making.

    This tool allows us to
    gives a clear guide of where we should make adjustments and
    improvements, to revolutionize the machinery of the Canal
  • 02
    Knowledge of the buyer from the point of view of Wholesale.

    A new dimension of understanding the wholesale channel based on a series of disruptive analytics that are based on millions of tickets that are generated in this channel constantly.

    It is a key tool for actionable decision-making for the Wholesale Channel and for a better understanding of the act of purchase itself and with it, of its buyers.
  • 03
    It allows us to know the performance of the Industries and their brands in appropriate time ranges (weekly), allowing tactics to be activated to correct and adjust the execution during the current month.

    It allows you to understand the variations of Performance and Rhythm in different cuts: national, division, sub-channels, categories, sub-categories, corporate, manufacturer, brand, sub-brand.

    It shows where we have an opportunity to generate market shares.
  • 04
    They are defined by a group of Categories with similar characteristics, assembled into homogeneous families, profiled based on the vision of the market and clients. ISCAM Bi Baskets is an online tool in PowerBi, which allows you to analyze the total and individual behavior of the baskets in the Wholesale Channel. It allows you to have the different KPIs on a single screen, in value, volume and price, the latter to understand the sensitivity of the market to its growth; as well as examine these indicators in the different Regions and ISCAM Subchannels, in time sections (Monthly and trend, Rolling Year, Year to Date, Bimonthly, Quarterly and Semiannual).
  • We work with a census close to 100% of the Wholesale Channel nationwide
    We segment based on regions and subchannels to optimize information.
    Región I Pacífico
    Región II Norte
    Región III Bajío
    Región IV Centro
    Región V VDM
    Región VI Sureste
    Región I Pacífico
    Región II Norte
    Región III Bajío
    Región IV Centro
    Región V VDM
    Región VI Sureste
    Región I Pacífico
    Región II Norte
    Región III Bajío
    Región IV Centro
    Región V VDM
    Región VI Sureste
    We work with the main leading associations in the market
    Unlocking Transformation through Knowledge and Data.