ISCAM: Promoting Innovation in the Wholesale Grocery Channel in México.

15 de September del 2023
ISCAM: Promoting Innovation in the Wholesale Grocery Channel in México.

The Wholesale Grocery Channel in México plays a crucial role in the distribution of products and the country's economy. However, to remain competitive in a constantly changing world, this channel faces challenges that require innovative solutions. It is in this context that ISCAM emerges as a key piece to promote the growth and development of this sector.

ISCAM specializes in providing information on the Wholesale Grocery Channel. Its focus is clear: provide solutions and empower this channel with findings for the best business decision-making necessary to adapt to market trends, improve operational efficiency and develop the growth of Wholesalers and Industry.

ISCAM contributes to the evolution of the Wholesale Grocery Channel with:

  • Specialized Products: ISCAM offers specific products adapted to the needs of the Wholesale Grocery Channel. The products range from sales, inventory and distribution indicators to direct attention to wholesalers and industry.
  • Technology: Technology plays an increasingly important role in information analysis. ISCAM ensures that it has experienced channel professionals for the development of tools and systems that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the indicators.
  • Information for Business Development: ISCAM is a catalyst between wholesalers and industry and helps with the analysis of information in order to find findings and indicators; this is essential so that companies in the Wholesale Grocery Channel can compete effectively in a constantly changing market.

The collaboration between ISCAM and the Canal Mayoreo Abarrotero is a pillar that drives the evolution of the sector.

In a constantly changing world, ISCAM represents a valuable partner in the modernization and development of the Wholesale Grocery Channel.

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